Jasco 45602 Smart Dimmer Load question

Hello everyone, I have a question in regards with the Jasco model 45602 smart dimmer… I have been searching for information about having a dual dimmable LED driver hooked up to 1 smart dimmer switch… like for instance having 2 dimming 11W or maybe 13W lampshades? Would it affect the dimming functionality? Would it dim evenly? Would it affect or damage the smart dimming module? Anyone tried this setup? Please fill me in with whatever you have experienced, both positive and negative comments will be taken in for the sake of safety. Thanks everyone!

I would contact Jasco support and ask them. They should be able to give you a definitive answer.


That said, that’s quite an old model and is only rated to work with incandescent Bulbs up to 5A or 300 W. Not fluorescents or other non-resistive loads. So it doesn’t sound compatible with what you describe. :disappointed_relieved:

Thank you sir, I was able to get a hold of a tech support person from Jasco, the person said although it is not mentioned to be used for LED’s, it will work with dimmable LED set up individual or single load and not designed to have an adapter where I can connect 2 LED units.

My other plan is to add 6 12.5 dimmable LED downlights in one of my rooms, I want to control each one by itself (ie, on/off/dim) then be part of a group scene. I think this particular model will work, the lights I got from the hardware store are to be wired with a Hot, Neutral, and Ground so the ground prong is there. I was thinking of using the Aeotec Dimmer 6 but came across some reviews of premature failure within a few months, so that scared me on forking out the pricey cost. Any other suggestion?