Jasco 3-way switch doesn't trigger events?

(Joshua Chaitin Pollak) #1


I just installed two Jasco 3-way switches. Then I setup two ‘The Big Switch’ apps so that when I turn on one light circuit, it turns on the other as well, and vice versa.

This works great, except that when I flip the auxiliary switches, the installed apps don’t seem to run, so the other lights don’t seem to switch together.

I know the auxiliary’s aren’t z-wave enabled themselves, but I thought that by switching the primary switch the primary would notify the SmartThings hub. Am I mistaken? Is there a workaround?

I did notice that by going to the SmartThings app on my phone and viewing the switch that changed state, if I tap ‘refresh’ the app then runs correctly.

Is there a work around for this? The auxiliary switch is located at our main entrance, so it would be really handy to get multiple lights to come on when we come in.

(Im Brian) #2

@joshbcp - I have experienced the same thing. It doesn’t really matter to me, but I can definitely see where that’d be annoying. If you’re cool with editing the app yourself, you could maybe look into subscribing to an unfiltered event list ala:

The only caveat is that the device will be regularly polled (ever ~5 mins) and that will cause the event to fire. So you could potentially use unfiltered, check if state changed - if so, continue with the desired event.

(Ethomasii) #3

Jasco switches do not provide immediate status updates and have to be polled, this probably the problem. I do know that Lutron and Cooper switches do provide immediate status updates, but not sure how SmartThings handles them.

I have been reading on this recently and this is one of the things that bums me out about Z-Wave devices. I come from using Insteon where I do not have to wait for devices to be polled.