Jasco 14321 dimmer w/ 45710 add on. Wiring issue

Good evening folks.
So full disclosure, I am not an electrician or anything close :slight_smile:

I have the switches in the title, and am trying to get them to work.

THe problem i have is both switches have the same wiring, and the add on switch only has spots for 3 (ground, traveler, neutral).

The main switch is working (at least i think it is, its powered on) and I have paired it with the Smart things app.
Only when I try to replace the second switch with the add on switch does it no longer work.

At the main switch i have 1 red, 2 blacks, and a green.
The blacks are Load/LIne the red is neutral and the green of course is ground.

I have the same four wires at the 2nd (add on) switch with only 3 available terminals for them.

Any advice would be great…

These switches control 12 exterior can lights.

ive since discovered this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gbsEeYj1Sus
which appears to be on target. ill work on it

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