Ivory Zwave wall switches

(Joe) #1

Has anyone found Ivory zwave wall switches anywhere? All of our wall switches are Ivory and I don’t want to replace everything with white.

(Morgan) #2

I have seen Ivory switches before… you can use this to put behind any normal switch.

I have 2 of these as well, they don’t need a neutral but you’ll have to use incandescent bulbs with it, instead of LED or CFL.

(Joe) #3

Thanks! So when this says “White, Light Almond and Ivory faces included” does that mean the switch as well or just the face plate?

(Morgan) #4

This is the one i got.

It was just different colors for the switch, it didn’t come with a faceplate.

(Joe) #5

Wow. Why are those so much more than the GE ones?