I've given up on presence sensors

my wife’s android worked fine for her presence sensor, but mine never showed me leaving, no matter what i did. Life360 did not fix the problem either. I finally fixed it by installing the IF app by IFTTT and having it trigger a smartthings switch when i connect to my wifi. this switch is actually a virtual switch/presence sensor someone else wrote. so when i enter my home’s wifi, it triggers ifttt which sets my presence to home. A second ifttt script reverses this when i leave. I hope this helps someone.

I have 4 locations in 2 cities and yesterday my wife was flying through them at the speed of sound, it seems.

mine keep disconnecting. I have to go back and rediscover it in the hub. I’m pretty convinced this is a hub issue not the presence sensor issue. I just have to rescan, nothing else, and sudden I get a toast saying my keys have arrived.

I’m considering giving up the presence quest too. Phones as presence devices only work if they are cell-enabled, and the ST key fob device chews through batteries. And when the battery starts failing, in the middle of the night the thing starts flaking out and causing havoc as it repeatedly triggers its routines…

The ST device definitely needs redesign, to either recharge via usb or perhaps get an on-off switch. Else it eventually becomes a source of frustration.

you have a couple of guaranteed presence sensor options with your phone. The easiest way that doesn’t require root is to use two ifttt triggers. One detects when your phone leaves wifi and triggers a virtual switch off. The other detects when your phone enters your home wifi and triggers it on. Yes leaving will require data on your phone but 2g is plenty. This requires the ifttt app installed. If just flipping a virtual switch isn’t good enough, i wrote a custom device that was a virtual switch that also reported as a presence sensor. Worked perfectly for me. Tasker can also do this instead of ifttt. Also, there’s an old thread somewhere about a guy who had an app running on his pc that detected his phone on his wifi and he was triggering location that way with oauth.

Can you elaborate on using iftt as you’re describing?

For those that have had nothing but issues with their Mobile presence within ST might want to consider looking at using the webCoRE Presence Sensor. I believe it’s still in beta for both Android and IOS.

I am an Android user and have never had an issue with my mobile presence, so I guess that I am one of the lucky people. Anyway, over the last 48 hours I have been testing the webCoRE version side by side with my ST Presence and for me it’s already more solid.

The Geofence setup for a location consists of 2 rings, the inner ring is the Arrival Geofence and the outer ring is the Departure Geofence. The really cool part that I am finding is that you can setup multiple places (locations) within webCoRE and then can run a bunch of different Pistons based on arriving or departing any of those locations (places). Why would I want to do that. An example would be when I have left the Geofence of Place 2, turn my thermostat on and set the temp to xx degrees so that by the time I get home, the house is comfy.

From the posts in the threads, many people who have reported issues in the past about their Mobile presence in ST, whether on IOS or Android ate not having those same issues in webCoRE.

Just a thought as some of you I know are on your last breath with presence:

yeah it’s pretty easy. ifttt android app has some interesting abilities that use a channel called “android” One of the abilities is to create an action based on whether you connect or disconnect from a specific wifi. That’s what i did. I had it trigger a smartthings switch which flipped a virtual presence sensor. There is a “presence toggle” device handler by impliciter available in this thread: Presence Detection using DD-WRT Router Script . It is a virtual switch that also shows up as a presence sensor. easy peasy.