iTunes and Spotify Control from ST via HAM Bridge

I’ve knocked together a system for controlling media using a virtual remote in the ST app, because it’s a massive workaround it has accidentally allowed me to forward the buttons as plugs to my Harmony remote and include automation using nearly all smart apps.
I’m quite pleased with it. I really wanted the virtual remote to do all the work but I couldn’t figure it out - so now there are 3 device types, 2 smart apps and 1 Mac app involved, but it has helped with other integrations and automations so I can live with it.
Check it out if you want at

I don’t know if HAM Bridge is available as a demo, I just bought it but I’m using it a lot more than I thought I would so I’m pleased with it (I fire up mac camera when I leave the house, baby monitor at night, turn off the display if there’s no motion etc).

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Are you able to start a playlist in Spotify using your method? Is there a way to run a specific playlist from command prompt? If so I know another way. :grinning:

You can, you need the web name of the Spotify playlist, I haven’t done it though

Thanks. This is what I came ended up with. :slight_smile:

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