ITSM - SmartThings Framework


After the recent issues I’m curious to how SmartThings approaches incident and problem management. Is there an established framework the company uses to track, monitor, and solve issues across its platform? I have seen on the forums many individuals have experience in the IT industry and this question would help us all in our careers and also better to understand expectations of stability moving forward:

  1. Are you using ITIL or something similar for IT Service Management?
  2. If yes, then what has the impact been? Has there been an actual reduction in mean time to failure or reduced ticket resolution?
  3. If there is no framework for ITSM, then why not?

Also, in terms of the actual testing it’s clear that SmartThings is using components of Agile (e.g. minimally viable product), but what is being done in terms of software testing and validation? We have all seen requests for beta testers, but how many environments are being utilized (dev, stage, prod)? What is the level of documentation? Has SmartThings considered more rigorous framework for development/testing?

Thanks for your thoughtful consideration & replies.

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