ISY 944i Smarthome Monitor and Integration

Yes it is on. Under that I have the following options;
Execute piston
execute routine
follow up with piston
repeat whole action
send push notification
send sms notification
send notification
set smart home monitor
set location mode
set variable
wait (random)
wait (variable)
wait for piston state change

What version do you have?

Core Version 0.1.10e.20160622

Oh dude, we’re pretty high up there in the versions lol. Time to update :slight_smile:

Ok :slight_smile: I just deployed core like a week or two ago, soooo apparently I’m doing something wrong. How do I update? :slight_smile:

Actually I THINK I figured out how to do it. This is my version now;


Is that the latest?

Yep, you’re ahead of me now lol. You should have make web request in your Tasks.

Yep I have that option now, yeah! :slight_smile: Another question, will this execute from my local smartthings hub (ie local network) or will it execute from the cloud? I’m hoping local network so I can just use a local IP.

ST doesn’t do local as far as I know. If you have to provide an IP, use the WAN IP.

I was looking at the ISY before I signed up for the ST kickstarter. It’s cool that it can do zwave now also.

It is requiring other fields when all I want to do is send this URL;

How can I just submit that url?

Just use GET for Method, Content JSON, and for the Variable, pick $random,

Ok I think that will work, only problem is it looks like the ISY requires authentication to accept the get command. When I try it in a browser I get prompted for a login. Do you know how rest API’s format the username/password in the URL?

Dude, you are the man! :slight_smile: That did it! Ok, so now to see if I can make the magic happen on the ISY side…

Nice! Good luck with the project, off to feed my face!

Well good news man! Everything is working exactly as I would have hoped! Thank you very much for the help! I can now do 1 command to Alexa and execute actions on both smartthings AND Insteon!!! Pure awesomeness!

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Very cool! I will store this information for future use, just in case :grinning:

Matthew, I’m just getting started on bringing my old ISY to life (same stance on Insteon, plus I have a ton of X10 that I hate to just throw away! Would you mind sharing a quick overview of the process you followed? Finding it a bit hard to understand as it’s spread across the thread. Just picked up a SmartThings Hub and I’m waiting for the z-wave module for my ISY to show up. In the interim, if I can get them to talk to one another I should be able to put most of the new stuff on the SmartThings (Z-Wave/Zigbee) but continue to have integration between the two platforms. I’m still early in trying to figure out which one is the better way to continue as I’m pretty comfortable on the ISY… Thanks in advance! BigRic

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anyone come up with a good way to integrate ISY with smartthings?