Issues with widget pictures

(Shawn) #1

I’m trying to make an on/off widget for my lights, and I’m having some issues with the icons. It doesn’t seem to matter what size picture I use, it always shows up real small and far away from the label. The image on the left is the size I’d like. The panda bear is a built in icon from Tasker and that’s the size it appears if I use the Task Shortcut option. Looks good except that one won’t change icons to reflect a change in the light like I want. I thought about file size, so just to see I grabbed a pic from my phone and used that for the far right icon. I don’t understand why the icons are showing so small, no matter how large a file I use. Can someone shed some insight for me please? I have a round button I want to use, but it just shows WAY to small and far away.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #2

Are all your regular app icons really large like the “Dining Room” light icon on the far left? It looks like the stock Samsung homescreen/launcher, but something seems wrong with the app icons / DPI. The icons in the tray at the bottom seem normal, but it looks like the icons on the homescreen are oddly sized.

You could always try a custom app launcher and see if the problem persists. Android Central has the top launchers of 2015 listed as:

(Shawn) #3

The widget size itself is fine, it’s just the spacing in the cell. If I touch and hold, the icon rests on the very top, while the label is on the very bottom. The light bulb widget is out of SharpTools, and that’s the only one that is that big. I just thought it was made that big.

I haven’t played with launchers in a few years now. I really don’t have any complaints with the stock one. I’d like to try to find out why this is happening also though.

(Joshua Lyon ( Dashboard)) #4

The reason I am suggesting that you try another launcher is the grid size of the launcher seems to be weird. Note that widgets and shortcuts will display slightly different issues related to an oddly sized grid which could be why you are seeing differences between the SharpTools widget, the Tasker widget, and the Tasker shortcut.

Trying another launcher would be helpful for diagnostic purposes. If the other launcher doesn’t display the same issues, then it points to there being a configuration setting or issue with the current launcher. You can always uninstall the other launcher when you are done testing.

Additional Info on Widget vs Shortcut Formatting:
The widgets will be displayed depending on how the developer coded the widget. So some developers might code the image to a fixed size - like how your Tasker widgets show up (note that they seem to be vertically top aligned)… and other developers might code the widget to scale to the full space - like the SharpTools Widget.

Shortcuts on the other hand are displayed like other app icons on the homescreen. The developer sends over the image to use, the text/label to use, and the action to take – the homescreen/launcher then decides how to format the shortcut. This is why the Tasker Shortcut (panda) seems to be centered vertically in the same amount of space that the other widgets take up. I would hazard a guess that normal app icons dropped on the homescreen would look similar to the shortcuts, but it depends on the launcher.

(Tim Slagle) #5

Keep in mind these widgets do not come from the SmartThings mobile app. Whoever developed the widget is probably a better support avenue for you.

(Shawn) #6

More progress today. I tried Nova Launcher and was able to resize and they look good now.

Now I just have to fix the other Zooper widgets I made for the new screen grids, and figure out why certain icons aren’t showing with the correct font.

Tim, I originally posted here for general help with widgets, and Josh was a tremendous help. Figured I’d give it another shot.

(Tim Slagle) #7

Totally man, wanted to let new people reading this know this wasn’t our stuff. But we love when people come here for help :smile:

Glad you got it figured out! :smile: