Issues with the platform Sunday May 3

Are there any issues with the SmartApp platform today. We are receiving a lot of strange behaviors.

  1. Most of the times (not all) we try to configure our SmartApp we receive java.util.concurrent.TimeoutException: Execution timed out after 40 units. Start time: Sun May 03 09:04:03 UTC 2015 @ line 1264 when the line number changes.
  2. when trying to publish the SmartApp we got :Hibernate operation: could not update: []; SQL [update smart_app_version set version=?, app_version=?, blockly_xml=?, category_id=?, code=?, code_sha=?, date_created=?, description=?, icon_url=?, iconx2url=?, iconx3url=?, is_shared=?, last_updated=?, name=?, smart_app_id=?, state=? where id=? and version=?]; Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction
    Any help will be most welcome

Something is SERIOUSLY wrong with the platform right now. All unschedule() requests are timing out every single time.

This is extremely annoying, smart things please fix these bugs immediately, all of my apps are broken at this point.

Getting this error now as well -

org.springframework.dao.CannotAcquireLockException: Hibernate operation: could not update: []; SQL [update installed_smart_app set version=?, date_created=?, development_app=?, health=?, installation_type=?, installed_smart_app_parent_id=?, label=?, last_updated=?, location_id=?, smart_app_version_id=?, sort_order=?, state=? where id=? and version=?]; Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction; nested exception is java.sql.SQLException: Lock wait timeout exceeded; try restarting transaction

I think Smartthings platform is officially toast at this point.

Nothing listed here:

Make sure you send support an email.


Best thing to do at this point


I’m seeing the good ole Failed to save: defaultPage error. I’m guessing that their system is a little swamped this morning. I haven’t been able to save a SmartApp in over an hour, it just shows me the spinner wheel and eventually dies.

I am legitimately locked in my upstairs of my house. Because my Smart Alarm app is not disarming when i went into Home mode. This is so many levels of unacceptable, this isn’t an experiment anymore; I have spent $500+ on this system, it should work. For god’s sake, you are now owned by one of the largest electronic companies in the world, FIX YOUR SHIT.

Does anyone have a solution?

:arrow_up: This.

The only way support has any idea of how many people are being affected by these kind of issues is if everyone seeing the issue sends in an email to

That’s also what helps them justify using more resources to investigate and fix the problem.

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I already sent a ticket in via an e-mail 7:20 am EST. And just now sent a message to @April, @Tyler an @Ben about this.

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You are doing it wrong. Just because someone wrote a smartapp to give you some limited security alarm-like functionality on this open platform, does not mean you should go ahead and put yourself in the position of being “locked in your upstairs” when there’s a glitch. ST is the right tool for many uses and the wrong tool for many uses. Security alarm service and presence based automatic door opening/closing are two uses I would not implement with ST after evaluating the hardware and platform limitations.

In the past week MyQ, Ubi, and IFTTT have all had serious problems. And Comcast ISP had a major outage last night. I think you can plan on glitches with just about any open and extendable HA solution at this point. I wouldn’t create rules and scenarios that would lock me in a room or significantly impede my life when a glitch does happen. You need the right tool for the right job.


Problem with this argument is how much did Smart Things get of that 500+ ?

My system has cost me $1086.01 so far but of that Smart Things items cost $130
One Hub and One Presence Sensor. Everything else is Aeon, Fibaro, etc

Not that I am not also unhappy about the issues. But with no monthly fee they have to reply on people buying more hubs to make money, but more hubs = more demand on the servers so they have to pay for more servers, support personnel etc. Would you rather have a monthly fee to provide better support ? I think most of us would not.


Hi! Just letting you know we’re looking into this at the moment.


Should be good now, from time of post. So if you’re still experiencing it, please let me know.


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Well… SmartThings does need a sustainable revenue model. $99/hub with lifetime cloud service is unlikely to be profitable even at mass scale. Hub V2 still has to be competively priced, but ironically it will cost SmartThings much less in the long run by offloading most of the cloud workload.

Sure… ADT (etc.) will outfit your whole home for free, but with a three year contract at $80+ per month. And Best Buy’s PEQ service is $9.99/month. And there are many options in between.

Well… I’m rehashing the speculative topic of revenue and profit. Obviously just an interesting exercise. In the meantime, though, it is important to acknowledge the saying “you get what you pay for” and, if so inclined, try to calculate exactly how ST can afford to provide reliable hosting and excellent customer support for a one time lifetime net income (after hardware and retail channel costs) of well under $99. :confused:

Yet excellent service doesn’t require profit, I guess. Amazon’s fast delivery and returns policy is amazing. But Amazon retail is still net loss after years and years in business.

This is the response I got from support…

Thanks for following up. I don’t know what the root cause was either. My engineer was able to update the system to resolve this, but I do I understand your concern with your security apps not firing when something like this issue happens. We are making many improvements to our platform, and reliability and stability are a top priority.

Thanks for alerting us, and helping us make these improvements.

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Clearly this affected a number of people, it required an engineer to fix, but it never showed up as an incident on the Status page. Why not?


From what I was told, it was a small subset of people that got affected. and at the time, 2 tickets were associated with this. The importance of reaching out to support first, then coming here to the forums to see if others are affected is highly stressed. Especially on the weekends. There’s more support staff than there is just me. :slight_smile:

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I don’t know about the others here, but my first step, always is to check to see if there is a known (likely temporary) problem that could be causing the symptoms I am experiencing.

This is much faster than writing an email to Support and waiting for a response that simply confirms I have a known issue that is transient, no? :wink:

That’s why I super appreciate the Status Web Page. Actually… my “Google Now” reads my email for Status Page updates and automatically alerts me.

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That’s correct @tgauchat. However, if people don’t see anything on, like this instance, then support is the way to go. Support tickets is what triggers our, Terry. It’s why I stress that importance of support :wink:

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