Issues with switchLevel on cloud devices

Over on the webCoRE forum strange goings on have been reported, supported by a Facebook thread.

The bottom line seems to be that the setLevel command, and indeed the switchLevel capability, has gone AWOL on Lutron and cloud based Wi-Fi devices on both webCoRE and ActionTiles. It is however working fine on the mobile apps.

As ever support will not entertain the possibility that problems with third party apps could in anyway be indicative of a possible problem with ST.

I don’t use webCoRE any more, and I don’t have any problem devices, but it looks to me like something has gone tits up somewhere.

Anyone got any extra ammo they could use, for example similar issues with Smart Lighting?

Lutron devices aren’t WiFi: they use their own proprietary frequency and then a cloud to cloud integration to ST.

So if it were just Lutron, I’d suspect that integration rather than WiFi dimmers.

But from the thread you linked to, it sounds like other cloud to cloud integrations are involved as well, including Leviton’s WiFi model. However, it looks like direct-connected WiFi devices like Sonoff are NOT having the issue.

So I suspect something in the cloud to cloud API, not a particular protocol. :thinking:

Tagging @joshua_lyon in case he’s seen anything over at SharpTools.

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And the annoying thing is that I knew that. I just had WiFi in my head when it came to post. I’ve amended my post title and content accordingly.

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Ok, looks like SharpTools staff have been talking to SmartThings staff about the issue but no resolution yet.


It looks like Lutron DTH has a custom capability called switchLevel, as oppose to Swith Level. These dimmers no longer have the level attribute.

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As of about five hours or so ago, webCoRE users have started reporting the issue has been resolved.


Same in the SharpTools community. Users have started reporting that the setLevel issue is resolved.

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