Issues with sending commands to OAuth API

Is anyone else having issues with commands sent to an OAuth endpoint being ignored? I had been happily sending commands to my endpoint for many months. Last night, I decided to do a v2 hub upgrade - and came out the other end with some issues with the API (getting an auth token went from using GET to POST) - got around that. I now have this code running:

I send a GET request to this API and it (correctly) logs “Turning off Office Switch” - but the doesn’t seem to do anything anymore. I’ve logged the event, the device - it all seems correct, but it just won’t act on the request. I can view all devices and even change mode. But changing state of a device is not working.

I had seen in some documentation ( ) that seems to call for a PUT request - but that just yields an error of “Method Not Allowed”.

I also know that there’s a reported outage - but I’ve had 0% success in about 12 hours.

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Coincidentally, there is an ST platform issue with OAuth at the moment.

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Wow, it was such a strange error - and coincided perfectly to my upgrade - and lasted so long, I didn’t suspect it was related to that platform issue. Just retested and all is well. Yay - house is finally back together :smiley:

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Well, I am getting sick and tired lately of how bad things are not working. The iphone app shows updates of status of devices in the house but I cannot control anything from my phone. I had rebooted my hub yesterday and I needed to do it this morning to get things so I can control them from my phone. There are a couple things that still function due to the local processing but others just do not work. I am getting upset about this issue that has been happening to me. I have not done anything different nor added anything new to the system. I updated the iphone app but that did not solve or help. The only solution that I have found has to MANUALLY reboot the hub but then that is not garenteed to last I do not know how long. It is happening more frequent now of needing to reboot MANUALLY 'cause I cannot control from my phone anymore nor the computer nor my wife’s phone.

4 days now this issue is happening!!! FIX it please ST!!!

It would be nice if we could send a REST request directly to the HUB to fire an action (turn on a light, lock a door). That would eliminate all cloud latency / outage issues for me - and speed things up quite a bit for me. But at that point, I guess I should just look at getting a USB dongle and eliminating ST entirely (which I don’t want to do).

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