Issues with (older) GE Switches after Power Outage

Last month we experienced a power outage. When the power returned, one of my GE switches would not turn on at all when physically pressed. The switch would turn on momentarily if turned on by the app (and would immediately turn off). I replaced that switch.

Today another power outage and two more GE switches are experiencing the same issues - they don’t work when manually pressed / turn on momentarily when turned on through the app. I can hear the switches click on/off when the app is used, but no response when manually pressed.

Since this happened to 3 of my GE switches (out of 10 GE switches), I assume others have experienced this as well? (A search turned up issues with GE switches, but I didn’t find others who experienced the momentary on/off issue).

The switches are GE 1535 and 1541. Any suggestions for resolving?

Well, I got the two switches working again. I tried many things - including a Replace.

At first, the Replace didn’t seem to work - there was no confirmation that the device was (re)discovered. The spinning circle kept on spinning with the note that “it may take a few moments to connect”. However, after cancelling the Replace process, the switch started working again.

I repeated the process with the second switch and it too started working again. (I wish I didn’t toss the switch that failed last month).