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Issues with HomeCloudHub

(Pizzinini) #21

The fresh install of the smart app (and devices) fixed it for now…

(Ms30250) #22

New to the smarthings and trying to get homecloud installed to work with digital life system. I think i have the Ubuntu server up and running but the smartthings developer app isn’t working. On my phone it never finds the server and the app stops and says “something went wrong… we cant load your screen right now” no option to manually add IP.

Any help would be appreciated.

(Purvinv) #23

I am trying to follow the directions but I must be overlooking something.

I use to have at&t digital life, I cancelled it but none of my keypad or door senors are working. How do I get that to work? I have the Samsung Hub . Can you please message me the link or email me the details.

Can i install the homecloudhub on a windows box or does it have to be linux and can i use linux desktop distribution on a laptop?

Where do I connect the laptop?
Also do i connect the at&t dlc200 box to anything?
THe Ip address you put in the [homecloudhub.json] is for the samsung hub or the linux desktop?

sorry for too many questions.

(Pizzinini) #24

I don’t think this works. Homecloud hub connects to the Digital Life cloud, not to your sensors of ATT device directly.