Issues with GE Smart Fan Control Switch

I think I’ve got a dud, but I just wanted to post to make sure. I bought a smart fan control switch to replace the basic on/off smart switch on the ceiling fan in my office. I’ve hooked it up exactly the same way I have the on/off smart switch but nothing happens. It won’t turn the fan on and the blue LED doesn’t light up. I swapped out a dumb switch on another ceiling fan in my house and same thing. The install instructions look exactly the same, so I don’t think I messed the install up, but was trying to do my due diligence before I request a replacement from Amazon. Thnaks

The old switch should have 2 lines plus ground. GE (and most other smart switches) have 3 lines plus ground. You should cable the switch the same as your old one, plus add an additional neutral line to the terminal on the other side bottom. That is why an additional white cable is included with the switch.

The neutral line is the white line coming from your breaker box.

Correct. I removed a GE12722 smart on/off switch and replaced it with the GE 12730 smart fan control switch. So I did have the load, the line, the neutral and the ground properly hooked up. However, the new smart fan control switch I installed did nothing. When I installed it in another room, I did wire in the neutral wire. I’m just trying to cover my bases that I didn’t miss something additional.

Sounds like you have a dud. Either return it to the store you bought it or give Jasco a call as they have excellent customer service. My fan control went bad after months of working and they quickly replaced it no questions asked