Issues with Arlo Pro cams

Hope I put this in the right group.

I have an issue with my Arlo since a few weeks back.

They work as motion sensors and record as they should but sometimes I can’t view the video
in the ST app, the play button is just half as visible as normal and if I press it it doesn’t play the video.
I can’t view live video in fullscreen either, then it just says connecting and then after 15 seconds it times out and says “camera unavailable”. But it works while in normal mode.
And everything works in the Arlo App.

If I download a movie I can’t play it’s really small, anywhere from 20k to 400k, a working movie is more like 5Mb…

I’ve reset the Arlo hub, I’ve removed and added Arlo to the Smartthings hub, I’ve reinstalled the app on my phone… Issue still there.

Any suggestions?


Have you confirmed you are on latest software versions and stuff? I have Arlo Pro and don’t have these issues … honestly I don’t use the video very often within ST app but when I do it just works …

Yup, I have auto update on for all apps, firmware for the Arlo and ST isn’t something I really can control so I assume it’s the latest firmware’s on it.
As it’s part of my alarm system and I use the Arlo cams as motion sensors outside I use it almost daily.

I know Netgear has had some issue with their cloudstorage/service but it should be sorted.
But if I’m alone having these issues it must be something local then.


Thanks … I’m not sure my feedback would solidify others are not having any issues … I don’t use ST very much specific to Arlo but when I have it’s worked fine … YMMV :slight_smile: