Issues when adding a Z-Wave Window Treatment device (Qubino Shutter) to the app

So I just put together a driver for the Qubino Shutter device with the SmartThings GitHub source code. When I add it into the app it goes into an endless “checking” state and does not work at all. Is this a known bug/issue with the app itself, or could the source code be wrong or put together poorly by me?

Did you change something in the original driver code?
Did you add the fingerprints or were they already?

I did not touch the code, except delete some lines that were meant for other devices, but I was careful to not touch anything important. I packaged it with no issue as well and installed it on the hub.

I would try with the original driver, installing it from the smartthings beta channel to see if it works with stock driver

When you see “checking” in the app it usually means it is waiting on attributes getting a value. I’ve seen it suggested it is particularly waiting on the value required for the dashboard state but I feel I may have it seen it displayed when others are missing too. Modern integrations generally make a point of seeding attributes with valid values if they can’t immediately request the true values from the device. With older ones, such as many DTHs, you may instead be relying on the device starting to exchange valid data to bring sanity to the UI.

Do you mean that the device that the app is installed on is the issue? Because i have been using a pretty crappy tablet and then tried to use an iPad to see if that was it and it just had the same problem

No. Let’s consider a hypothetical switch. In SmartThings it gets assigned an attribute that is either ‘on’ or ‘off’. The mobile app wants to display one of those two values but if the attribute hasn’t been set to one of those values yet it can’t. Until it does it displays ‘Checking’. Once the switch reports that it is ‘on’ or ‘off’ the device handler/driver will set the attribute and the app will see it and display it.

Often the driver will request the switch status when it is first added and that will result in the attribute being initialised and the app will be happy. However if the switch doesn’t support that the status may not be reported until the switch is turned on and off manually or by a command from SmartThings (which you might not be able to issue yet). If this behaviour is known about the driver may be written to initialise the attribute to e.g. ‘off’ but older handlers didn’t need to do that as the Classic app in use at the time would just display a default state.

So when you install a device there is lot to be said for having a quick ‘play’ with it - open and close door sensors, press buttons, turn switches on and off, put your hand over temperature sensors etc. Then if the mobile app is still displaying ‘Checking’ or thinks the device is offline there is more likely to be a definite problem.