Issues viewing and controlling devices Incident Report for SmartThings

Investigating - Some users in the Americas may be experiencing issues viewing or controlling their devices in the new and Classic SmartThings apps. During this time, automations may also not trigger as expected. We are currently investigating and will provide updates as they are available.
Aug 5, 20:53 EDT


I came back to Smartthings for one week and I get this business! :sweat_smile:
I’m not even mad at this point, it’s just ironic.

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… and of course everything stops working during the bedtime routine of my two toddlers… GRRR I want LOCAL control!! If Hubitat can do it, why not ST?


I’ve got 5 SmartThings buttons and they are executed local and the Smart Lighthing settings for the buttons are working. No Alexa control of course…

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Identified - We have identified the root of the issue and are taking steps to restore service to normal. We have also identified that users may also be experiencing issues logging into the IDE and the Classic app. We will continue to provide updates as available.
Aug 5, 21:15 EDT

Same here. Smart Lighting timed automation and locally executed motion control are fine.

No Alexa. No control by either the old or new apps.

Strangely, the new app (only) is showing my devices. When I flip a smart switch manually, the status in the new app updates instantly.

Very happy that my ST deployment is small and 100% local execution.

Serious question. What is preventing you from converting to Hubitat? Asking because I have thought about it myself…

Status at 10:15 pm EDT

9:30pm CDT. Mine seems to be back to normal.

I still want to believe that ST will deliver on running more things locally (less C2C BS). With a couple hundred devices (physical, C2C, etc), I am dreading tearing down everything to start over. I have also built lots of automations that I rely on and while a good number might be portable, it’s still a risk. On top of that, Hubitat is still a startup so will they still be around in a year? I think so but… it’s a risk. Last, they need to round their solution offering a better mobile experience (app!). I might buy a Hubitat to tinker with it but I am not sure I would migrate my home’s automation fully to it.

Thanks for the update.

Thanks! I’m in early stages of building out automatable stuff. I’ve only got about a dozen smart switches, no smart bulbs. My Chamberlain garage openers and Honeywell thermostats could be connected to SmartThings but only cloud-to-cloud and I see limited value in that.

So I could relatively easily change platforms but echo your concerns about Habitat.

Given my limited understanding of the direction Samsung is taking, I’m less certain they will provide for more local execution.