Issues - Repair failing, devices not working, one lock randomly stopped functioning

I’m kind of overwhelmed with the problems here.

I have a BE-469 that, this morning just stopped responding to commands. Every button pressed (including the Schlage button) results in that big red X lighting up. Just upgraded to @RBoy’s latest DTH and Smartapp, so I thought that was the issue.

Then come in to try to fix it and realize that I have other issues too. Lights not responding. Action Tiles not working. ZWave repairs keep failing. Random devices fail, but the repair itself never seems to end. The logs show the repair starting and never ending.

I issued a reboot from the IDE and am trying all this again. Still no luck. Any tips? Not even sure what to look for in the logs. I noticed that the Repair doesn’t seem to show up in Live Logging? I see it in the Hub’s event log, but not Live. Is that normal?

Related, my Traeger has decided to malfunction today too. So no ST and no smoked meat. Serious 1st world problems.

Just finally got a repair to finish. Right after the finish, I get.

Err 112: ZM eeprom write fail

That sounds like something you should contact support about.

Yeah…was working with them for quite some time yesterday. No resolution as of yet, although have stabilized some devices. ZWave repairs now taking 20-30 minutes vs. the 2-3 minutes they used to take. Support trying to figure it out.

Same here now. Have not contacted support yet ,was researching first. Any word if this was solved?

I am no longer seeing the behavior after a full reset, but support has not been able to diagnose what happened.

since yesterday i am having issues.

All my GE Light bulbs not working… Reset and trying to connect not working

All my smartthings and Iris sensors not working. removing battery for Smartthings works. but after few mins stops worked. reset the devices. all smartthings sensor after reset also same issue. removing battery works some time and then stop working.

Iris sensor trying to reset and connect again. not working.

All the batteries in sensor are new, just few weeks old may be 3 weeks and everthing i use is duracell

Im getting this error now. Anyone find out what it is or how to fix it?

No resolution from ST support. I have just accepted that Z Wave Repair takes a ton longer now and this error shows up in the logs. When devices fail to respond, I rip/replace and all goes back to normal. Bit of a pain, but it isn’t that frequent and I tolerate pain pretty well.

They told me they do not recommend a zwave repair because I have 78 ZWave devices and anything over 40 can be problematic WTF.

My devices will rejoin 1/2 way. they show up but will not control. Its like data is hung in my database or the module cant add new devices fully

Anything over 40? That’s nutso. Anybody going all in with ST is going to have well over 40 devices. I’ve got over 40 switches alone, not to mention virtuals, Sonos, sensors. I did not get that same message while on the phone with them last month.


That makes no sense at all.

Zwave repair is a standard function. If you can’t do one, it would mean that every time you added a new device that was a repeater, you would have to completely rebuild your entire network from scratch in order to get efficient message routing.

There’s no mention of a device limit in the official knowledgebase article:

If for whatever reason the SmartThings implementation has a hard limit of 40 zwave devices per network, they need to tell people that upfront.

@tyler @Duncan @slagle

As for the eeprom error, see also:

It’s not a hard limit, but we’ve noticed in many cases where the network is in bad shape – with too many unresponsive nodes – doing a network repair makes things worse.

Network repair isn’t the only way the hub can discover new routes. Explorer frames can change routes, and adding and re-adding devices updates the routing table too.

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I thought this was just me, Hub was rocky around a year ago but for the last 6 months or so, it’s been great. Recently, I lost some sensors, then GE switches, now everything seems to randomly come and go. Z wave repair takes forever and doesn’t seem to fix it :frowning:

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exactly what I am experiencing. I still have two devices that are messed up, Once I can force removal and when I readd it I cannot control it. the other will not rejoin

I’m having the same issues, multiple devices going unresponsive intermittently and inconsistent performance when they are back online.

Have noticed on occasion one rogue device can cause issues. It’s hard to figure out Rogue devices (hence the name) but taking them offline and seeing how your network does for a day.

Usually it tends to be active devices start with taking them offline.

Explorer frames? And I’m sorry, while I understand that removing and adding a device back in can fix some issues, but if you have multiple devices that are going offline, and those d vices are used in multiple smart apps, that’s a lot easier said than done. I mean my setup has been pretty solid for over 6 months, now the last week I’ve been having devices, usually SmartThings motion and door sensors go offline randomly. It’s quite maddening.

Anyone still having issues? Just tonight, Alexa told me it was having problems talking to Smartthings, so I went to the app for my device. No go…the device (light switch) wouldn’t turn on/off.
I also noticed another set of lights listed as “on”, and they were off (and I can’t control them via Smartthings). So all of a sudden I have two devices non-responsive. Everything else seems to work. I rebooted my hub (v1) and no change. I’ve had zero problems for at least 6 months…now this weirdness. What’s up?