Issues moving temp sensor from one ecobee4 to another

So i just moved an ecobee temp sensor from one of my ecobee4 thermostats to the other ecobee4 thermostat in my house in order to equal out temp on the main floor. In doing so, now that temp sensor is no longer reporting a value (i believe because ST is still thinking it is hosted on the old thermostat and does not recognize the data path from the new thermostat). Is there a way to correct this, or do I need to delete both thermostats and temp sensors and re-add them back into ST?

I would like to avoid doing this because I have some SmartApps that I will likely need to reconfigure as well. I was hoping for an easy button on this one.

So i just bit the bullet and deleted my ecobees and added them back and everything is working now. just following up with anyone who might have the same issue. Not sure of a better way to remap a sensor without losing all of the hooks into smartapps.