Issues changing mode at Sunset

For the past 3 or 4 nights, my Hello,Home action that changes modes at sunset hasn’t been firing. I’ve rebooted the hub and still not working. Not sure if this started happening after the most recent platform update. What’s strange is I have lights turning off and on as part of this action and those work, it just seems the mode change isn’t working.

Anyone else have issues since last week?

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I had the issue for almost a month on and off. I’ve also had problems with my Hue bulbs not turning on/off and lights not turning off after x minutes of no motion. I’ve reported all of these problems to support. The last email response I received eluded to the developers working on a new version of the app. I am not sure if that meant the app I was using to automate all of this or the UI for smartThings. Please email support the problems you are having the more people that report them the better chance we have on getting it fixed.

I’ll also add that I made a couple of changes to my setup which seemed to minimize the number of occurrences I’ve had.
First I edited my MTU setting on my router. This post is about the Apple Airport, but I found my linksys router had the same problem.

Then I removed all community developed apps and found ways to settle with ST certified apps.

I still have problems from time to time, but not nearly as bad.

I know for sure it did not fire on Saturday and believe it didn’t fire on Friday. Last night, Sunday, however, all was well. Unlike most others, in the past, I have been spared issues with this functionality. I have had ST for 7 months now and as best as I can recall, this is the first time this problem occured for me.