Issue with V2 Hub - location and devices are missing

Is anybody else having trouble with their V2 hub? Since the upgrade started, I cannot connect to my Smartthings. All my favourites have disappeared and the app just keeps saying “Getting everything ready”. Something has really gone wrong. I tried to connect the Groovy IDE, and it says I have no locations, no devices, no hubs!! What is happening?


V2 hub is not part of this firmware update.

You need to contact ST support :slight_smile:

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I didn’t think it was part of the update. I have been trying since yesterday to find out what is going on, but as I wasn’t home I couldn’t even tell what state my hub was in. I see now that the LED is a solid blue.

I emailed Samsung support yesterday but have not heard back other than the automated email.

Also, I logged into the Smartthings IDE website and everything is gone, my location, my hub, my devices, everything. What the heck is going on?

Which email did you use? It should be reported to SmartThings

Please take a look at this post on how to contact them:

Sorry I meant Smartthings support. But I just looked at the reply, and it came from I however am in Canada.

I cannot launch the app on my phone. It just says “Getting everything ready” and prompts me at the bottom to agree to the privacy notice. I touch agree, and it comes back with “there was a problem connecting, Try again later”

Also, if I go to, all I get is No Locations in the upper left corner of the web page.

And finally, when I log in to the IDE, it shows I have no locations, no hubs, no devices, etc. It’s like everything has been wiped out.

Any ideas?

What did the email from UK say, that they were going to check the issue?

If you received a ticket number, could you share it with me, please?
I saw you have been in contact with the support team in the email before, so, if you didn’t receive a ticket number, then, send an email directly to them.

Here’s the ticket # 1379338.

Here’s the important part of the reply. Note, they ask me to login to SmartThings Web, but as I said, when I log in all I get is “No Locations”

Thank you for your SmartThings query.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our team is currently operating at a reduced capacity. This means it’s taking us longer than usual to assist you with your query. We’ll be able to respond to your query sooner if you are willing to directly share your contact details and authorise a direct reply from our team.

If you agree to being contacted directly, please respond to this email confirming the below details:

  • The registered email address of the Samsung account you use with SmartThings.
  • To allow Customer Service to access your data, please follow these instructions*
  1. Go to SmartThings Web ([](
  2. Log in to your Samsung Account
  3. Select the Menu (⋮) and choose Settings
  4. Toggle on Account Data Access
  5. Select the time period and choose Confirm

If we are unable to investigate your request during the time frame that you selected for account access, we may need to ask you to extend it so we can resolve your issue.

If our team requires any further details to help resolve your ticket sooner, they may wish to contact you via telephone. If you’re happy with this method of contact, please also provide a telephone number in your response.

I don’t know about other regions, but that is a standard automated reply in the UK. It used to ask you to reply explicitly granting permission to your account, as otherwise they had to ask you and that caused a pointless delay (and at one point a year or two ago the turnaround time on emails was measured in weeks). Clearly they are now exploiting as the mechanism for granting permission instead, which is fine as long as that isn’t part of the problem, but they still need to know the account e-mail. Obviously if you made that clear in the original e-mail it shouldn’t be necessary.

interesting, I never noticed this toggle in my.smartthings site before. Seems like that site is going to have a bigger role in the SmartThings landscape in the future now that support is referencing it and account.smartthings redirects to it.

Who manages the IDE at Because if all my stuff is gone from there, that might explain why my app can’t connect and the hub is blue. Maybe they can restore from a backup?

And I just checked and my Sharptools is all messed up too. So there is definitely something wrong on the back end.

OMG. I emailed US support and one of the suggestions for the app was to uninstall and reinstall the app. So I did that. It created a brand new “My Home” in the IDE. So now I can look at my home, but I am back at square one, no events, no devices. I’ve lost all my routines, everything.

I asked if they can restore from a backup.

This sucks.

OMG! This explainswhat happened why everything disappeared for me as well a while back after the upgrade and more annoyingly why I’ve lost everything on the IDE :rage:

Super annoying! If they knew this was going to happen why on earth didn’t the stress this and backup the IDE instead of overwritting everything. Argh!

in IDE, go to the My Locations tab… if your Home Location appears there, tap on the Location name, then check if your devices show.

if not, contact ST support.

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I did end up getting a reply back. They said that “We would like to inform you that there was some initial investigation done and it appears a right to erasure request was initiated on the 11th which is why your data (location, devices, etc) are no longer there.” I assume that means the Leave SmartThings section. I didn’t remember doing that, I thought I had cancelled out of it after accidentally going in there, but obviously not. I ended up having to re-join my hubs and all my devices and recreate all routines.