Issue with Nest on ST

Total idiot with coding and this is my first post on ST community. I recent added my Nest to my ST with little issue. My question is this:
Is there anyway to update its polling (assume thats the proper term)? Meaning it does auto update the true temp. in the application. I have smartapps that run based on temp. data but i have to manually select Nest Thermo and force it to update. Is this just the way it works since Nest isn’t officially supported is can I tweak it to reflect live status and temps? Thanks for looking and for any help given.

Polling doesn’t really work in SmartThings. Never has. It will always get stuck.

So the way mine is operating now is the best we can all do until/if Nest officially supports

Probably still won’t work right. Schedules and polling have been problem spots in SmartThings since I came on board over a year ago. I am using the Polster SmartApp to poll my stats every 20 minutes but they still get stuck; sometimes for hours… even DAYS!

Is Polster an application in ST i can use? Or is it a code that was independently written and has to be added manually? Is it worth it?

You’ll need to install it from the IDE (sorry, can’t remember the author’s name). It’s better than nothing.

Will do, Thanks for the 411!!

Pollster install instructions can be found here:

I found it, Thanks though!! I appreciate it! I got it installed but it doesn’t seem to be doing anything.Not quite sure I’ve set it up right on the ST mobile Application. :

Polling Group 1
Select devices to be polled: Nest
Select devices to be refreshed: Living Room Fan
Set at 5 minutes intervals.

However I can see the temp on my nest increase and the ST mobile application temperature doesn’t move until I manually go to things and hit the Nest gear icon and then click on Refresh button. What have I done wrong?? I could care less about the Living Room fan but Nest is only an option on the “Select devices for polling” Any ideas?

Even using pollster my nest doesn’t always poll correctly… It will work for a month and then will stop working then start again… No sure why…