Issue with Edge Driver for ZWave Thermostat (Thermostat MODE, AUTO mode)

Hello all,

I got the error message “A network or server error occurred. Try again later” after the Thermostat MODE (Auto mode) command class is issued.


I checked with my Zniffer log and my ZXT-600 can SET and REPORT correctly.

Off, Heat, Cool mode works properly but only Auto did not.


May I know what it means by the message?

Thanks a lot.

Does your thermostat support auto mode, and/or can you manually set the mode to auto on the thermostat?

Yes, it can SET and also feedback REPORT to the hub after receiving the GET command. I double-checked these commands through my Zwave zniffer tool.

Ok, tagging @nayelyz


It’s generally shown when there’s no response with the new status of the capability from the driver. This can be because there’s no handler for that capability or the handler doesn’t send a device:event() with the new value.
Did you register for the default capability handlers or did you define custom ones?
Also, what do you see in the logcat when you send the command from the app?

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Hello @nayelyz and @johnconstantelo

I fixed the issue. I found my typo in the “thermostat_mode_report_handler” function.

Thank you so much for your support.

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