Issue with Danalock Z-wave

It could happen that way with zigbee, but not with Zwave. Z wave doesn’t do a real time update of the method of pairing. So if you add the zwave device originally while on power, the hub continues to think it’s on power even if it switches over to battery. Z wave devices don’t re-join the network the way zigbee devices do. They just join once and belong to that network until they are excluded.

Now if the zwave device switches over to battery it may refuse to repeat any messages in order to preserve its battery life, so the messages can get lost. But if joined as a mains powered device the hub will continue to think it’s a Mains Powered Device, so that’s not going to be the issue in this case.

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Lol the microwave was a hell of a life hack! Knew it could block radio signals but never thought of using it. Lets hope i don’t need to use it again.


I will do some more troubleshooting once i get the new device. As now it may stop working again at any time. Btw i saw at another post that locks are not in the supported capabilities for local execution. However i get the L mark on my automations.

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@JDRoberts, Thank you, it’s a pleasure read your comments :+1:

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How are the lock metrics going?
Have they stabilized or are they still giving a high percentage of failures?

Hi mariano. I need to check and let you know. I just had a zwave light go offline but i need to check :slight_smile:

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Hm i am at 12 now. However i don’t use it often.

Also apparently statue lights have a ghost device now. Let me try and get rid of it.

Still haven’t recieved the aeotec gen 7 switch btw

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Is Okay, you’ve only added 2 Failures out of the 148 new messages sent since day 5.
If it works fine don’t touch it until you install the new repeater switch

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Just got my Aeotec Smart Switch 7 that i have added to the system. As far as i can tell the danalock has not made a path from the aeotec switch. I am gling to leave it for a few days and see.

If you have done zwave repair and still prefer another way, it must have good connection quality.
If the metrics are still good and it works, I would do the same, leave it. :+1:

Ok thanks a lot!

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The zwave repair utility is whimsical and when something looks good, doesn’t change it easily, hahaha. :rofl:

For sharing experiences,
In the last repair I did, a Fibaro switch became the repeater of everything around it. Even repeats twice the device in the same path and there is no way to fix it until I removed power to the hub for 5 minutes and I made several repairs zwave in a row.

I also like that the siren connects directly to the hub, if the power supply fails the repeaters are inoperative and block the siren connection. It is a drawback in this case of zwave.
As said @JDRoberts for zwave, the routes are not changed automatically.
In zigbee yes, I have seen that devices looks for another new path automatically.

Lol this is crazy!

Zigbee is much better in my opinion. However after removing most of my fibaro devices, my zwave network did get faster.

Each protocol has its advantages and disadvantages. I have almost all zigbee.

The Fibaro switches, if they go a bit slow compared to the other zigbee I have. They have the advantage that you can easily configure many parameters from the app.
In zigbee from the app it is impossible to change configuration parameters, at least in smartthings. In “Tuya app” for example, have some zigbee settings options for the same device.

As you know, I changed the fibaro DTH to local and it works fine, but I have seen duplicate events coming in for the same action, as if it was running local and also in the cloud. very rare.

In IDE, local events (red) and cloud (blue) are differentiated.
I don’t know since when it’s happening.

The relays of the Fibaro have only work for me 6 months, for using them with led panels (20w x 4). They are very tight in current 8A and they are not very good, I put some omron relays, more expensive, but better. And added a limit current resistor, 20 ohm in each panel.

The Aeotec nano switch, I have seen photos and it seems that they have better relays, 16A.