Issue with a new hub - no reply from support - welcome code not recognized

Scenario - new hub, bought from Amazon, got the card and the app (classic, android) but the app is not accepting the code.
I tried a 30 seconds push to factory reset, waited 10 minutes, light is green again, no change, the app still provides no feedback on why my code is bad, but the code turns red when I enter it.

Sent support the logs 2 days ago, added a photo with the hub + welcome card yesterday. UPDATE: they responded and we are working on the issue.

Good morning @dorj1234,

Let me say welcome to the community. This has happened before.
Please call the Service Desk number directly and they will help you out right away.
Support site link also HERE.


One correction must be mentioned - support did reply, and I am only seeing it now. Google’s inbox hid the email in another tab. Apologies, I will edit my title accordingly.

Next steps - I answered the support email and looking forward to hearing back. They think it could be a region issue, but I think the FCC note on my device means it’s a US device, and I live in the US, so maybe that is a wrong assumption. They have my answer + serial number and I am waiting to hear back.

Thanks !


After initial response from support, which got me hopeful I replied and waited and … nothing for a whole day … really hoped to fly to my vacation on monday with all this setup. Very disappointed from the slow response.

My new hub still sits there with a green led and no way to talk to it.

Another update - just got an email and support changed my samsung account region to match my actual location. Hub is now detectable and all is well.

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