Issue when installing new apps specific to a mode

(Greg) #1

I’ve been noticing lately that when I install a new app and select it to only work in a certain mode, it does not save that mode selection, it keeps it for all modes. If I go back and do it again, it will save that mode selection.

I can reproduce it. Sending Support an email. Just thought I’d post it in here too incase anyone was doing mode specific stuff and wondering why it didn’t take.

(Tim Slagle) #2

Is this with one of my new apps Greg? If you save the app with those settings and go back into it does it save?

EDIT: Just tested both the apps i sent you over so its not my code. I’m on iOS, are you on Android?

(Greg) #3

It wasn’t with your new apps but it was with one of your older smart dimmer apps. I don’t think it’s an app specific issue because I’m seeing it for a few apps I’ve installed lately.

If I go back into the app and recheck which mode I want, it will save it on the second attempt. Maybe it only happens the first time you install an app?

I am on iOS and android :confused:
I just use my iPad when home (which is how I install apps) and I use my android phone for presence or manual changes when I’m not home.

(Tim Slagle) #4

Hmm ok, yeah I’m not sure. Contacting support was a good choice :smile:

(Greg) #5

Wanted to report back that Support states this is a known issue that occurs if you have a large number of modes and will be addressed.

(Tim Slagle) #6

Cool. Was just gonna report I saw this issue yesterday.