Issue: SmartThings Help Us Debug dialog shows the same option twice

(Jim) #1

Probably a nit, but there are two switches on the Help us debug dialog; both of them say “Display extra events”. Changing the values does not seem to persist as well.

Lumia 1520, AT&T, 8.1 GDR1 + a couple QFE’s.


Thanks for the reports! Make sure you’re emailing so we can file proper bug reports as well.

(Jim) #3

Oh, perfect, Tyler will do. Do you have a template you want me to use, or specific device info?

(Jim) #4

And do you use ETW traces from Field Medic or anything like that for debugging?


Not sure what we’re using for WP.

What you’ve been posting can be sent as-is to support. Screenshots are also helpful when appropriate.