Issue running light automation locally with energy monitor

  • Trying to make a light automation to stop the lights from turning off/on when someone is watching tv in my basement, but it isn’t working locally for some reason.
  • I just trying to run two regular sengled Zigbee bulbs and two Kasa KL430 light strips using a smartthings motion sensor and sengled smart plug found on Amazon at
    just got these plugs to help.
  • If I need to buy a different energy monitoring plug then I could do that.

This is a example of how it looks in the app.

If you remove the power meter: equal to or below does it run local?

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Are you using an edge driver for the Kasa strips or the Kasa Smart linked services integration?

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So I just added them using the 3rd party integration from the Kasa app. After looking at it, it does seem the Kasa light strips were the issue because I’m able to run the automation locally without them. I guess I just need to do as you mentioned and actually find the drivers for the Kasa light strips so they aren’t using 3rd party integration.

Yeah, the official Kasa integration is cloud to cloud, so not local. :sun_behind_large_cloud:

Can only find an edge driver found on Samsung account found at TP-Link Edge Driver (also LIFX) - #4 by BarryA.

  • I placed the light strips into pairing mode, tried to delete the device from the Kasa app, removed Kasa from linked services in smartthings, and it seems like the hub is able able to pair with it, but it doesn’t take the light strip out of pairing mode and I’m unable to interact with it.
  • the only thing I can think of is that it isn’t fully factory reset because even when doing these actions, the device still came up with the name I gave it unless it is just saved like that. The only other thing is that the edge driver I found just doesn’t support my device.

You should ask any questions about that edge Driver in the author thread for it. It may be that the edge Driver needs to be updated to work with your model.

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Yup I reached out to him to see if he knew if my model was supported or possibly look into the issue. For now I’ll just use the cloud integration. Thank you @JDRoberts and @Terri_Baker.

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