Issue Notifications Almost Daily Lately

(Mike Swanson) #1

Not sure where to post this… Those of us that subscribe to system alert notifications are seeing an increased amount of issues that are being investigated / resolved. What’s going on lately? I know there’s a new app version in the works, but overall system problems are increasing (both as notified and as observed)…

(Carson Dallum) #2

I’ve been noticing this too. Things had been stable for a couple of months, but for the last week or two it seems instability has resurfaced. I have some lights that are scheduled to turn on at sunset but haven’t done so for the last few days. I submitted a support ticket, and I see another status alert was sent within minutes of my ticket…sigh. :weary:

(Mike Swanson) #3

I submitted a ticket yesterday, but no response today (no response to chat either)… The folks at ST must have had President’s Day off.

(Morgan) #4

It seems to have been getting slower and slower, since the major upgrades in Oct/Nov and it was fast and reliable for a few weeks. It still seems to be laggy from time to time, and late w/ notifications especially notifications for Sunrise and Sunset. The status page still has the notification saying there are delays during peak times.

(Matt) #5

Are we sure things are actually worse and they aren’t just being more forthcoming with issues by sending the status updates? I for one like them, not the issues but being notified even if it’s not system wide issue.

I can think of a number of times in the past where there were issues and no notifications. Maybe they are just being more transparent.

( co-founder Terry @ActionTiles; GitHub: @cosmicpuppy) #6

Ideally ST will be so transparent as to make sure these are very detailed and granular, AND publish monthly / quarterly / annual summary reports with percentage reliability figures.

Five nines (99.999%) uptime target, right folks?

(Mike Swanson) #7

Totally agree with this: They need to be transparent with the issues if they’re occurring. The point is that the amount of issues have increased.

(Carson Dallum) #8

I received a response from a recent support ticket that ST is working on an enhanced scheduling capability. No word on when this will be implemented, but hopefully soon.