Issue: No way to edit "I'm Back" arrival app in Hello Home

I deleted a mode magic app and went into “actions” to rebuild an app to change the mode to ‘home’ when my geotags (phones) arrive home. I set it up and the default time lapse for false alarms is 10 minutes. I pressed done and returned to the previous screen. I then decided I wanted to change this to 1 minute. I cannot for the life of me figure out how to edit the “I’m Back” action - or even delete it - to undo this. Doesn’t look like this can be done on the browser based control panel either. Am I missing something or did the developers??

If I go to the Dashboard, click on the top left icon that looks like a talking bubble with 3 lines in it, then click on the gear at the bottom right of the next screen I can then click on I’M Back and edit it no problem.

It’s the “Hello, Home” icon in the top right of the Dashboard. Click the gear at the bottom to edit the actions.

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