Issue: Duplicate SMS Messages with iOS Location Trigger

I’m using IFTTT with iOS Location and SMS to send a SMS when I arrive home. I intend to build this out into a larger process… but I’m noting a strange behavior that I can’t imagine being intended. Curious what others think, if they’ve run into this, and if there’s a way to avoid (it may just me being new to linking IFTTT to ST).

When I enter the Location Services ‘circle’, IFTTT properly sends a SMS. However, as long as I stay in the ‘circle’ (eg home) IFTTT seems to fairly regularly re-run and re-send a SMS… Thus they keep coming in.

I’d have expected it only to run once, when I went from ‘outside’ the circle, to ‘inside’ the circle.

My intend is to get a SMS notifications when I’m pulling up long driveway, reminding me to disable alarm mode. I may be able to use the ‘Smart Alarm’ smart app instead, but the issue I’m running into would still exist…


You don’t mention which IFTTT channel you subscribed to, but it sounds like there might be some confusion between arrival and presence. “Arrival” is a one-time event; “presence” is not. Frankly, I think this task would be better accomplished using the Rule Machine smartapp.

For this IFTTT I am using the service ‘iOS Location’ from the iOS Location channel as the trigger and action action ‘Send me an SMS’ from the SMS Channel. The trigger for the iOS Location is written as ‘You enter an area’… I see no way to configure arrival vs presence, but based on the result, it seems its not evaluating a one-time event…

I’m just reading up on Rule Machine… this may prove to be the better avenue, but it’ll take me time to figure this out / implement… Can Rule Machine within ST be used to send a SMS or make a phone call like I can do with IFTTT? My intent is to get a notification when arriving home to help us to remember to deactivate arm mode and to set the mode when departing…

No problem doing this in Rule Machine. Here’s how I would configure it:
Trigger: Presence; [pick sensor(s)]; arrives
Conditions: [leave blank]
Actions: “Send or speak a message”; push, SMS, or both; [enter message to send]

The basic rule above will do what you want. If you include a condition, then you will also be given the option to set separate actions (if desired) for when the condition is met or not (i.e., True or False). Independent of all of this, you can also set time, day, mode, and switch restrictions on when the rule should be evaluated.