Issue capturing lights colour


Please see the screenshot below.

I have INNR RBGW lights (Paired to Hue Bridge). The Hue bridge paired to smarthings hub V2.

I have been spending time trying to capture the colour of the bulb in it’s current state and store it in a variable. I’ve also tried this using the capture and restore expressions and the result is always the same.

For the record; hue, saturation, level.etc. are all captured from the light and stored correctly to a variable.

However, no matter what I try, the lights colour is always captured and stored as #0000000 (Black). (tried all data types for variable)

This is also true with my Osram RGBW lights which are also paired with the hue hub.

Logically, this can’t be an issue with the hub not seeing the current colour of the lights as I can change the colour via the hue app and see that colour has been updated and correctly represented in the smarthings app.
I can also have webcore set the lamp to a colour and it is accurately changed on the light itself.

I can’t get my head around this, something isn’t quite right and all logic says this is an error in webCore.

As stated, I can get my Piston to correctly capture every other attribute of the lights apart from colour, where it just fetches out #0000000 (Black)

I’m afraid I won’t be any help, just some questions. I’m unfamiliar with INNR lights. Are you using LED light bulbs or an RGBW LED strip?

When you say you capture hue, saturation, level and etc, what is “etc”?

Is the “etc” the color temperature of the “W”? Something like a value between 2700 to 6000? Or, is your RGBW bulb/strip have a fixed “W” temperature such as cool or warm?

I ask these questions as Hue, Saturation and Level (H,S,L) determine the color produced in an RGB bulb. So I’m wondering if W of RGBW is throwing off your WebCORE?

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