Isp5 ihome plug

How does a person connect ihome isp5 smart plugs to Smartthings?

Sorry but you can’t connect it to ST. You can only connect it to HomeKit (if homekit version)

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Sigh I guess I need to just give up.
I’m so disappointed with google. They bought & ruined Nest (and I spent a CRAP TON buying 16 cams, 3 locks, 1 expensive thermostat that I love, smoke detector, 1 Nest Hub Max and 2 plain hub & 2 speakers) and they trashed the 13 iHome plugs!!
SO, the only way I had to make them work was Apple/Siri (homekit) Yellow Home app & the Home Controller. I HATE having to use “Hey Siri” to turn on/off the lights, where before I could just say “Hey Google” to control EVERY Device in my house (locks, thermostat, hubs, speakers). Plus, Google would let me turn on 2 or 3 lights at once, listing them all. Siri can only do -1- at a time unless you set a scene in the Home App.