ISO: thinking Cleaner Module

Hey does anyone have a irobot thinking cleaner module for sale?

I have a extra if you are interested. Have you search forum for thinking cleaner within this forum? The roomba and the thinking cleaner still work for me but the problem arises when the roomba loses power and the battery has to be dropped so that it can be reset. In my case I have several docks so most of the time the Roomba makes it back to the dock to charge. It is disappointing because it was the last firmware update that they issued prior to going under that caused the problem, at least IMO. Let me know what you want to do.

my Roomba battery has been falsely reporting 0% for months. I reset (2 button combo), no change. I dropped the battery, no change. Is there a trick to making it report actual battery?

I have not run into this issues. Have you tried the thinking cleaner emergency reset procedures? The one were you drop the battery and place it on the dock and wait for the Error 2 command and then reinsert the battery. I think the 2 button combo is just a restart.
Emergency restore procedure:
If you follow the instructions below the Thinking Cleaner should go back to the factory settings. You do not have to delete the Thinking Cleaner from the app or from your server account:

Remove the battery from your Roomba
Place Roomba without battery on the dock, Roomba will give a charging error but that is ok. The error is used as trigger for the restore.
After a few seconds the LED on the Thinking Cleaner should start blinking red/green or red only very fast. Please do not touch anything during the blinking.
If the led does not start blinking fast, then take Roomba off the charger and go back to 2) and try again
Roomba will now restart automatically and after new startup the led should be blinking red once per second

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How much? Do you take PayPal?

@heatherdiamondfour One more important question. The ThinkingCleaner module that I have is for the 500 and 600 series. Is that what you have? Do you think $50 is fair? I still want to verify that the module is good as well, since I have not used it since I purchased. I will do this tonoght if you still have interest and post results and send im with PayPal.

Thanks for the info. I don’t think I’ve encountered this, or if I did, I managed to recover without dropping the battery.

I have an old model 530 with a 3rd party Lithium battery. (The battery causes the unit to go into safe mode every time it reaches 100% and I reset the dock (via smart outlet) to recover. ) I wonder if the issue you described is model dependent, or I just haven’t hit 0%.

$50 is fine with me. Please certify that it works and let me know. Thank you!

Here you go all is good. Here are a few pics of the module. Will send pm for PayPal.

thanks guy! I was not aware of that complete-reset procedure, and so the battery updates now.

My Roomba never verbally indicated the expected “charging error 2” but after a long changing light-flashing sequence, it started repeating the same simple sequence, at which point I proceeded with the the thinkingcleaner-app discovery and after once or twice, made a full connection. ahhhhh

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I wonder if these interfaces are completely dead now. I cannot get the battery status to update , and the “emergency reset” that worked before, it does reset the interface, but it did not restore battery updates and I could not link the phone-app to the interface in its startup procedure wizard.

I forgot to try to login to its local interface. Almost certainly the remote website is dead but I will check.

I gave mine to my parents. I think it’s mostly working for them still. I think my father has performed the reset a few times. I recall him saying he had to set the app up again when he did the reset. Frankly, I don’t trust my parents to understand what’s happening with the device. I did do a quick check on to see if I could access their cleaner. It looks like the battery is reporting and everything else seems correct.

I may give it a full exam next time I’m over there. But I’m sure they’d tell me if the IFTTT recipes that work with Alexa didn’t work or if the scheduling stopped working.

Hi Patrick,
By any chance did you not sell your spare Thinking Cleaning module or do you still have it?

I would take it