Is Z-Uno supported by Smart Things? I need a water level sensor

Whenever you have a question about a certified Z wave device, it’s always helpful to start at the official Z wave alliance product site. That way you can look at the official conformance statement on this file and see exactly what command sets are supported. :sunglasses:

In this case, the z-uno, which is made by is, is an Arduino type board that includes a Z wave chip. It’s intended for makers. It’s been certified essentially as a multi channel sensor.

Because there are no other devices of this type at this time, I don’t have any confidence that it will work well with SmartThings. It might. But it might not. @duncan might be able to say more. If it does work with SmartThings you will almost certainly have to use virtual devices to stand in for the individual channels, which will mean it can’t run locally, which might not be what you want for a water pump application.

So I think it’s a cool device and I think there are a number of people who will be interested in it, but in terms of a water pump application I think I would just go with one of the existing water sensors. There are many of these in both Z wave and zigbee that work well with SmartThings. The Aeon Labs Z wave sensor is the most popular for “dry tank” projects because it has a parameter that lets it report for dry rather than wet, which keeps the battery from running down The way it will if you just try to repurpose a “report when wet” leak sensor.