Is webCoRE dead? (SmartThing change causing webCoRE not to not work starting Sept 8)

Coolhand 72 Thank You SO Much!

Your fix worked!

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Hi all. We just made a change on our end that should have webcore working for everyone again. Please check again and post if you are still seeing any issues.


I changed line 950 back to the original and reloaded my browser. It seems to be working and back to normal. Thanks.

Out of interest, what did line 950 say? I don’t have webcore installed to find out.

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If I have the line numbers the right way around, line 950 read the list of current SHM incidents so they could be featured on an icon at the top of the webCoRE dashboard. Another line read the list inside pistons. Something went tits up a little while back and generated fatal errors, one stopping the dashboard loading, and the other stopping pistons being loaded for editing.

I am rather surprised that they may have had any bearing this time around as the few errors I saw involved location modes and null runtime data. I didn’t see the issue myself.

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Well that was costly :frowning: I thought this issue was fixed so I uncommented 950 a week ago.
Went away yesterday and my piston to start the solar heater panel pump didn’t work; I came home to find all the lights on so that was a clue. I now have 200.00 worth of melted hose and broken glass from the extreme heat that was not sent to the pool Grrrrr.

Sadly, that’s a costly but important lesson: do not depend upon the SmartThings hub (and especially the SmartThings cloud) for anything important.


Stopped working for me today in the UK - none of my pistons do anything and logging doesn’t work.

Yes I know I was asking for it :wink:
Webcore has been so reliable for years that one gets a false sense of security.
Even when ST and all it’s problems of late create ire it seems WC just chugs alone.

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