Is there really no way to upgrade to v2 Hub without starting over?

I finally decided to upgrade to v2 Hub - thinking that it should be pretty straight forward to update - but looking at the docs, it seems the only way to upgrade is to start over… that cannot be right, can it? It seems insane…

Is there simple unofficial way to migrate all of my stuff to the new setup? Or do I have to start over as docs suggest?

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I don’t think there is an easy way to do it yet… still on v1 dragging my feet. The half price on the v2 hub is still not enticing enough for me to start over lol.

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It is… but a lot of us are. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I have a v2 in a box and don’t want to even go down that route without a tool. But, I have a feeling that I will have to since, although others (cough…Wink…cough) seem to be able to do it, I don’t think ST has any interest. Which, as a reminder to all, also means that if your hub craps out and you need a replacement, you are in the same predicament. That right there is why I don’t understand why ST hasn’t created a tool. …and yes, if you look at my posts here, I’m beating a dead horse. However, I also have learned that if something is really needed, you have to scream all the time until someone listens.


What better way to analyse your current setup and find alternative/better ways to do things?

I get it, sucks to not have a single click upgrade path. But I think the time used in setting up from scratch can easily be used to improve the entire system.

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Seriously bad news if I need to replace or upgrade hubs. Would literally take me months and also lose a huge amount of tweaks and optimisations which have been accumulated over the past year.

Apparently this was one of the top priorities for the company over a year ago. Not sure what’s holding this up.

Where did you get this impression?

I recall reading we were promised it by theCEO by the end of last year. I’ve only been on this journey a year so may be I’m wrong.

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We certainly were promised that, by him… But that doesn’t mean “it was one of the top priorities”. :speak_no_evil:

Unless, of course, everything is a “top priority” … right?

Just sounding off. I had a great experience with the v1 hub and saw the half price v2 hub and bought it without even checking to make sure - OBVIOUSLY they would have an upgrade wizard right? Wrong.

Last time I saw anything like that was probably upgrading from Windows 98 to 2000 - way to abuse your loyal customers! Takes me from excited to deflated real quick. Now I’m going to sit on the v2 hub for a day or two before I decide if I want to return it.


Same here. Really regretting buying it though.

Seems like there are no real benefits to upgrading to v2. The main two promises are 1 - that you can run things offline -except most things do not run offline) and 2 - that you can still control your lights if you lose power… let that sink in for a second… someone REALLY did not think THAT one through…

But since I already bought it, I looked at what would be involved in trying to hook it up and move things via the graph UI - but no, seems like while you can move things to new “Hub” - you cannot move things to new “Location” - a distinction that seems to add complexity for no good reason that I can identify. “Location” is meaningless, it just serves to break things. As I could not find easy way to edit “Location” of an item or even to export the state of an item . Seems like you can see SmartApp configuration, so you can probably scrape it, but with no way to create them back it why bother?

I suppose it could be possible to write a SmartApp to list all devices and attached SmartApps (seems like API supports at least some of that) - but it seems like a lot of work for a workaround for something that should be very simple to implement from the company’s side.

I am really disappointed. Failing to deliver for a year a relatively simple feature needed to retain existing customers wanting to spend more money, it really feels like the company has given up on the product and just does not care. :frowning:

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In any other normal company delivering late on a public promise from a CEO would indeed be a top priority. Guess we all know this is not normal here :grin:

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once upon a time, when ST was particularly unstable last year, I reached out to Samsung USA CEO and got pretty quick responses from SmartThings management team. not that things have been perfect since, but maybe more of us need to go over ST CEO’s head… then again, Samsung may have their own QC issues to resolve :fire::volcano::iphone:


I just ordered the V2 Hub. Part of why it has taken me a year is the migration path is like going solo through uncharted amazon forest. The other was V2 had nothing I needed at that time. I am in need not of OTA updates. And at 50 bucks I went for it. I dread moving my 80 items. Not going to be a fun weekend when I get it. I get they have been trying to fix the back end stuff, and the crappy app, and add new devices. But this glaring oversight stings a lot

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Just add it to the list of stuff that’s coming soon but never shows up.


For what its worth, I bit the bullet and just moved my stuff manually. Took a few days and I lost a bunch of automation I forgot how it was setup, but overall things are slightly cleaner now, as ST offers many, many ways to accomplish same things and my setup seemed to use every one of them…

The new stuff seems to be missing a lot of things I had on the old Hub (like Lights & Switches) - but I cannot say I miss any of it… The biggest plus of migration has been noticeably faster operation, especially via Mini-Motes.

Now I need to figure out if there is a way to give my old hub to someone else. I guess I have to call ST to reset my activation code or something… need to figure it out as I wanted to give the old hub to a friend to play with…


If you delete the old Location from your account, it will reset the Welcome Code, etc. If you do not have the original Welcome Code, send a photo of the serial number on the bottom of the Hub to and we can pull it up for you.

Done and done and got my code. Thanks.

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