Is there no z-wave hardwired interconnected fire alarms?

I’m having to replace a co2 and fire alarm and was looking to smarten all of them. My codes require a hardwire interconnect. I can’t find any detectors that have zwave and hardwire. I am finding posts here on how to add switches and relays, etc… was hoping for a plug and play solution.

There aren’t any made for the US at this time.

However, you can get any UL listed smoke detector system that you like for residential use and then add the eco-link fire fighter, which is a zwave audio sensor which can recognize the standard smoke detector alarm. So that gives you integration with your smartthings system. :sunglasses:

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thank you!

Is there a model to expand on this and call local fire department automatically?

No. If you are in the United States, the laws about which devices can automatically call the fire department vary a great deal from town to town, but most jurisdictions want to discourage this because every false alert means an engine Deployed away from where it may be needed. Most restrict calls to a human who is witnessing the event or to a UL listed monitoring center which can evaluate the situation.

There is a subscription service which is allowed to call the fire department in some areas which has a smartthings integration, but I don’t know if it’s going to work with the new smartthings app or not. And it has a lot of limitations, it’s depending on getting a notification over the Internet from smartthings, so if your power or Internet goes out it won’t work. See the following thread for details (the topic title is a clickable link)

Most people who want the fire department contacted would instead look at something like ring alarm or abode. These have their own cellular and battery back up capability.