Is there documentation on Tile options?

I have been banging my head on the wall not understanding why my ValueTile would not display my value. It just displayed “–”

Then I decided to try switching to decoration: “flat” and the text displayed no problem.

So apparently ValueTile without flat can’t display a “currentValue” which contains text ?
I don’t understand why. You can set label to “${currentValue} TEMP” but you can’t set your label to “${currentValue}” and set the value to “Main 78”. I was trying to display a text preference which would allow me to enter a name and then some text. So my home tiles would not just look the same.
I was trying to solve this issue preview screen complaint Feature Request: Label on tile “previews” in things view in my device type because it drives me crazy that all my temperature readings look the same and I have no idea what rooms I am looking at. I know about shake to reveal names but this is just ridiculous to have to do.

Anyway I am trying to find documentation on what arguments work for each tile. For example I also learned that adding an icon to a valueTile makes the value NOT display.

I also can’t get colors working on flat tiles. So I guess that doesn’t work either…

This seems like something that really should be documented. It’s the basic developers GUI API. I am really getting frustrated with trial and error because I am not sure if I have a typo, syntax error to the attribute just doesn’t work.

Perhaps someone has put together a list of what tiles work with what attributes and what attributes work together or prevent others from working ?


Here is my finished Tile with Device ShortName (I added this to preference) and Temp.

I just wish it could look nicer. flat tile can’t be color coded and if I add an icon the text doesn’t display.

What I really want is to have it look like the green 75 to it;s left with a label below it which says “MainFloor”. There is plenty of room on the screen.

Grey box with slightly darker grey text is really hard to read on a small screen.

At minimum foreground color and background color would be nice.

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Try converting the decimal to a string before applying it to the currentValue If string doesn’t work, then I think it is expecting an int value when its not “flat”.

Wish the docs had more detail on these restrictions / expectations. @Jim


Yea I did that. It only takes a number. If double it display only int so apparently it only takes an integer.

I tried adding other variables in the label : ${currentValue} ${deviceName} but that just makes the app crash…so no good there.

So far this is what I am finding

Great research & experiments!

Note: Behavior of the GUI varies significantly by platform (simulator, iOS, Android, Windows Mobile), even though it’s not supposed to.

Thanks, maybe we can put together some documentation based on our experiences.

Interesting, I tested on HTC One and Samsung Galaxy Pad.
I have an iPad but smart things doesn’t seem to have a iPad vesrion only iPhone.

Hard to share device or app software if this is true…bummer.

I added to my doc that it’s android htc one tested.
I allow comments so if anyone comments with different behavior I can add it to my notes.

The iPad will run the iPhone version, unless your iPad is too far out of date.

My only iOS device is an iPad :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

Yup … @Jim is the SmartThings guy in the official Documentation role, but he is wisely exploring the platform before documenting the very grey areas. He does watch and appreciate our suggestions and observations though.

…CP / Terry.

I tried to install on iPad but could not find in app store. We have the newest iPad Air 2. Is there a trick to installing the app ?

Confused about your second comment. Is @Jim with smartthings or just the community’s official Documentation Guy ? Where is the documentation that he is creating ? If it’s the stuff in the ide then I don’t understand why this would be a “Grey” area. Doesn’t smartthings have the code ? Shouldn’t they know what the API is and what features exist ? Sorry so many questions but I am new to this community so still learning.

I am glad to help in any way that I can.

The trick is that AppStore only shows “iPad Only” apps by default. You need to switch to “iPhone Only” in the search menu.

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No problem with the questions…

  • Jim is Jim Anderson, relatively recent SmartThings employee fully dedicated to documentation.
  • The main Developer Documentation root is:
  • That documentation is mostly built and maintained in a GitHub repository, though there are some linked pages which are not in GitHub.

Yes … you’d think everything would be documented and published in the 3 years since SmartThings was founded, but apparently not. Community has suggested that if the code was at least commented in “JavaDocs” style, then perhaps auto generated API would have some clear information. There were other bits and pieces of documentation in circulation from time to time, but they are gone, as far as I can tell – probably too much of this was deprecated, and thus unpublished to avoid confusion.

Oh well – that’s the past and the current … the future is bright! :sunglasses:

OK I found that documentation right away. I found standardTile api here

But it doesn’t describe valueTile or controlTile. It would really be helpful to add these two and describe the limitations I have documented, assuming I am right, perhaps I just did stuff wrong. If I had an API I would know…wait circling back :smile:

That said I am hacking away and really enjoying it. Some frustration but a lot of gratification from getting things working that were not before I modified their device types. Very cool.

I bought veralite and smartthings at the same time. Vera Lite was horrible, nothing worked and the community was completely non-helpful. It’s been returned.

The smartthings community has been amazing !


Yes … we are :blush:; :wink:.