Is there any way to view application error messages

This evening while viewing the Live Logging info during my smartapp testing, I noticed two hard errors from unrelated smartapps. They were:

  1. Error getting Sunset time. Was aware of this issue from a ST Status alert.
  2. ST error attempting to contact my Ring Doorbell. I replaced the doorbell hardware about 2 weeks ago and had no idea this was occurring. I had to Remove the existing Door Bell from ST, then use the Ring connect app in Marketplace with the replacement doorbell.

It was only by accident I found these errors. I searched the forums, but I’m unable to find any way to get a list of hard program execution errors, and log.error messages. I want only the messages showing as ERROR in the Live Logging. Did I miss something? Hopefully there’s a way to get an error log for the past 24 hours?

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We’ve been asking for this for years. (yes… years).

Support can probably dig up something, but if it’s been made available to end-users / developers, then I sure haven’t been told about it.

Well that’s not what I wanted to hear, however it sure does answer my question.
Apprecaite your response.

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