Is there any way to use the Smart Hub on a local LAN without an Internet connection?


I just took delivery of a Smart Hub. I intend to use it at a junior rowing club boathouse in a state park initially to control 2 new Zwave smart locks to provide programmable combinations for users and visitors. For now there is a local LAN with WiFI there but no Internet access.

Is there any way to usefully use the Smart Hub in that environment? I had assumed and received some feedback that a local LAN would be sufficient. But on plugging it in and trying it I am very doubtful. I would be prepared to use it with only Telnet access so long as I can program the lock combinations.

Any pointers on this would be appreciated.

If I cannot use the device without Internet access I will have to try to return it. It is not practical to install Internet access at the boathouse for some time to come.

Thanks Martin

The SmartThings hub requires and internet connection. The device is basically useless w/out an internet connection.

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That is nuts.
How is the ‘smart home’ supposed to function with extended external network outages?
By all means have enhanced functionality with the Internet, but basic functionality must be available when the Internet is down.
In some places that is not an uncommon occurrence.



This issue have been discussed ad nauseam in other threads. ST is a cloud-based system, like many others on the market today (e.g. Lowes Iris) and have always been. If you’re looking for a system that can be controlled locally, without Internet connection, look at Vera Light. It has very good Z-Wave support, but no Zigbee.

The big watch out on the Vera is that the internal clock is crap. It uses the Internet to reset the clock periodically, so without Internet access the clock begins to drift rapidly. Within a few days your scheduled events will be way off. There are some software hacks to get it use a local NTP server (check the Vera forums) but they aren’t for the faint of heart or inexperienced.

Vera forum link:,25042.msg175741.html#msg175741