Is there any way to have SmartThings React to Ubiquiti UniFi Controller Events (e.g. a WAN failover event)?

I use Ubiquiti’s UniFi system (both at home, and in IT Client locations).

I would like to be able to have an automation configured that will react to a UniFi WAN failover event (e.g. send me a msg, or turn this switch on or off, or whatever).

I already know how to do the automation stuff.
I just need to figure out whether the integration part is possible.

So, is there any way of connecting/integrating SmartThings with UniFi in such a way that this kind of interaction is possible (even if it’s through some other mechanism, and not necessarily having a direct, full-on integration)?

First thing I can think of is an email trigger if no one’s created a driver for it yet. Unifi has email alerts for device/connect disconnect, maybe there’s one for failover events?


yes, unifi allows you to set alerts for email and/or push…

unifi also produces a smart plug to turn off/on devices in case of an internet outage i.e. turn off your modem to try to reconnect service, etc

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OK…I am indeed getting both e-mail AND push notifications from the Controller.
However…[brainfart]…what/where is the integration that would allow me to have SmartThings somehow interact with or react to those e-mails?

With so many kooky, tricky things that you guys have assisted me with getting up and running over the years, I assume it may very well be something I have already done, but I’m a bit rusty, and just drawing a blank.

EDIT: Searching and reading now…