Is there any way to create a custom time period that only uses Sunset or Sunrise and not both?

I believe this should work, but not home to test it.

Oh, I see. :thinking:

Yes, The usual examples under the old architecture were for motion sensors, which would be active for a period where sunrise/sunset was only one of the endpoints. That’s how ours worked with the porch light.

I agree, I think if you wanted two actions, turn on, and then turn off later, it always required two automations, one to turn on, and then another to turn off.

Funny, how people approach things differently. We don’t use any motion lighting, so for me the only sunset/sunrise rules I create are time based (sometimes with mode overrides). So I read the above “it turns on” as “it will turn on” vs “it can turn on”. :slight_smile:

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