Is there any way to conect Hue GU10 Bulbs to my ST?

I have Hue GU10 bulbs in my house tried to connect them to ST and i just get a error message. I contatcted Smartthings support and they told me they don’t support Gu10 bulbs. Any body got these to work with there ST? and How?

Are they connected to a hue bridge?

I thought when connected to Hue bridge these devices are just viewed as a Hue RGBW bulb, so I’m not sure what the problem would be. (That doesn’t mean there isn’t a problem, I just didn’t realize these were a different device class.)

Smartthings does not support directly connecting any Hue device to the smartthings hub, although some community members do that.

Hi so im looking to get those bulbs as well

Do i need a hue hub to control them via smarthings?
Ideally i would only want it to connect directly via smarthings? any dth?
Also if possible to be able to control the color temps?

It’s not a good idea to connect Hue bulbs of any type directly to the smartthings hub as they can mess up your zigbee mesh. It’s much more reliable to use them with the hue bridge.

Bummer I thought it woild be as good as the hue motion. I had alot of success with those

Since the motion sensors are battery operated, your network won’t try to use them as repeaters, so they won’t mess up the messaging for other devices the way the bulbs can.

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