Is there any way to be notified/know when a shcheduled event has become "dead"?

(Minollo) #1

The most annoying result for me of ST’s platform occasional instabilities, is that now and then my scheduled events stop firing, as if the corresponding chron job had been deleted/removed from the system. That typically blocks a good percentage of my monitoring (battery powered thermostats are not polled anymore, alarm status is not polled, mode management doesn’t kick-in any more, pool timer, sprinklers, …) goes down, and I realize about it only after several hours when I see that something is out of whack.

I understand that some infrastructure work may lead to the loss of scheduled jobs; but is there a way to be notified about such loss? Or, is there a way for such infrastructure work to transparently re-create such scheduled jobs (which is, in the end, what I need to do manually by updating all the involved ST apps)?

I realize this is more a question for ST engineers than for this forum; but I thought it could be useful to share it here.

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I’ve had a ticket open about this for almost two months. I have everything logging to an external service and just have gotten in the habit of checking it constantly so I know when to reinitialize all of my scheduled apps.

Good luck.