Is there any possible way that I can integrate Siri with my SmartThing Hub?

After trying Alexa out for several times…I am done with its voice control system! It just never listen to my command. I am not asking for a complicated action, just simply turning on/off my lights, but Alexa always failed with that. Is there any possibility or method that I can integrate Siri with my smart home products, such as the SmartThing hub?

There is a thread about integrating Apple’s Homekit with Smartthings, which then enables Siri control. However, this is very involved and probably not worth the effort and cost.

I’m sorry that the echo isn’t working well for you. It does work well for many people, especially if you use the training option in the Alexa app, but not for everybody. If Siri is already working well for you then you do have an option.

If you have unlimited texting on your mobile plan, then you can send a voice text to IFTTT, and use that to trigger events in SmartThings. I used this method extensively before the echo was available and found it very useful. It is not as natural as using the echo’s commands, because you have to be very precise in order to send the correct text. But it does give you a voice control option. I still use it now with my Apple Watch when I am in the yard and too far away for echo to hear me. :sunglasses:

The following topic (this is a clickable link) explains how to do it:

(BTW, if you were having the problem in the last few days and it was that echo was telling you that that device cannot do that command, that was actually an issue on the SmartThings’s side and could be corrected by unlinking your smart things account and linking it again through the Alexa app. But if it was Alexa not understanding you or if you were also having problems with other commands like listening to music or asking the weather or asking the time, then it’s more likely to be Alexa itself. You can check the history in the Alexa app to see exactly what Alexa thought you said each time which will tell you whether the device is understanding you.)


Bummer it’s nots working for you. Really works great for me, and many others. I wouldn’t give up on it…it seems to be one of the most consistent parts of a lot of people’s system! Maybe try the voice training if you haven’t, or just completely uninstall it and start over… Maybe it just needs a fresh start?

How is Alexa failing? What is she telling you? Most everyone has had pretty good luck with the echo and I am sure we could help you out, just need more information. I don’t know your knowledge level with all of this, but are we sure you have it setup correctly? Have all the items you want to control with the echo authorized in Smartthings smart app, and discovered by Alexa?

I love the home kit integration that is referenced above.

I’m using @jnewland’s json smart app instead of the hello home kit one. It’s pretty solid from my phone. From my Apple Watch, it seems to work about 80% of the time.

I have it installed on a Mac that I am using as a server in my basement. It looks like it will work on The Raspberry Pi if you do not have a linux box or Mac to run it on.

You have to be a little careful what you name things. I created a scene called “Christmas Time” that I put all of my inside christmas lights on, and when I said, “Hey Siri, Christmas Time”, she came back and said, “Christmas is on Friday, December 25 this year.”

I renamed it to “Christmas Mode” and it works great.



Exactly! My Alexa always reply with “cannot do that command”. I have tried your advice to unlink my smart things account and linking it again through the Alexa app. It finally works better now. I didn’t notice that it was the problem of the Smart things side. Actually, I am trying Alexa out for my grandpa cause he can’t walk anymore. Hope that this kind of voice control products really work well. Thank you so much for the reply.

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I myself use a wheelchair, so voice control is very important to me. I find the Echo really helpful. :sunglasses:

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I have a Mac mini and would love to have Siri integrated with my smart things. I couldn’t get it to work. Could you help me?

Yep. I posted the steps I followed I the post linked above.

Hy todd, may you help on my first steps on smartthings with siri? Im a programer and have an iMac / iPhone. Thanks

You’re replying to a thread which is two years old, so I’m not sure you’re going to get an answer in this topic. :disappointed_relieved:

There’s still no direct Siri/HomeKit integration. What many people now do is set up a raspberry pi as a “man in the middle” server and run a hue bridge emulator on that. That allows you to make the SmartThings devices look like Hue devices to HomeKit and get some integration that way.

You can find current discussion and tutorials for this method, along with the people using it, in the following thread (this is a clickable link)