Is there an ideal "sweet spot" between wake up interval and battery life?

SmartThings sets everything to 4 hour wake up by default, according to my reading and investigation. But some devices, like the strips by sensative, actually have a “default” interval of 24 hours, which they say is part of their lengthy battery life claim.

Why would you want the wake up less frequent than a day anyway?

Some Devices (battery powered thermostats or TRV) as an example wake up to get new temperature settings. e.g. if I change the set point from 18 to 23 then that will only be affected when the stat picks it up form the hub. For me that is configured to happen every 15 mins, any longer doesn’t;t work and any shorter nails the batteries.

As for motion and contact then it depends on the device and how often you want it to pick up parameter changes (where applicable). If it has no config and is completely dumb then yes, every 24 hours will do.

The wake up interval you’re referring to is when hub wakes device up tp get al info from it. The shorter the interval, the shorter is battery life. But the device should report a change in status whenever happens, regarless of wake up interval.
Exactly what you set is just a metter of personal preference or lack of undestanding of function. Also, some device handlers impose a minimum so you’ll not drain battery too fast.

I’m using these:

DTH available on here, works well, I have 3 one for each zone, they wake every 15 mins for set point changes via the app. The stat is paired with an actuator and therefore can run independently of ST. It also has TPI for efficient heating.

Not the best but when you can pick them up for £25 they make sense to me.

P.S. Batteries last about 12 months.

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