Is there an easy way to set lighting for various moods?

I have a simple situation where I want different lighting (set by %) for each individual light and not all the same %.
For example, light#1 set at 20%, light#2 at 80% light#3 at 100%, etc. and by making this a routine simple so has to say to Alexa , Alexa turn Romantic Mood on or turn on Party Lighting, etc. You get the drift. It would be nice to add color to this routine as well. Right now routine allows different lights to be added but all controlled by the same dimming percentage. I am somewhat a newbie to this but I have been programming in just about every language for over 40 years and this seems trivial to me. Is there a simple way to do this?
BTW, I am ditching my old Lutron lighting system that let me setup these kind of lighting situations and that system is 20 years old and I could do this simple task.

I believe someone created an app for that :slight_smile:

Also core/webcore could do it

If you’re comfortable with coding then definitely look into the community-developed smartapp WebCoRE.

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Don’t think this is for that…More for grouping.


Thanks for the info!