Is there an Alarmserver walk through?

I have read and re-read the and all 1830 posts in the big dsc - evl thread but still can not get Alarmserver running.

I have the dcs integration smartall, device handlers, and devices inside ST, but Alarmserver is troubling me. I have the folder downloaded and in the root directory, and I have opens the cfg file and edited the proper fields (I think), and set up oAuth as directed.

I’m just not sure how to “run” Alarmserver… The readme just says to “fire it up.”. Which is like Spanish to me…

Guessed not…

You might have more luck if you post in that thread.

I don’t use alarmserver, but I see some instructions on setting it up to run as a service in this file:

You can probably also start alarmserver manually from the command line with either:



Note that these will probably only work if you’ve made executable. And it would only run it once and won’t restart after a reboot - you’ll eventually want to follow the instructions to run it as a service so that it recovers after a power failure.

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